1on1 Studio Time Tue 7/16

Every Tuesday and Thursdays I draw in the studio while Lisa is working on her art. She spends a lot of time with me, especially right now as I am just starting out. This time is invaluable to me and I learn so much from her thoughts and input.

Today I finished up my Brague eye #2 and started a Brague figure which will take a week, I hope. They eye took a week so this might take a little longer.  Major victory with the eye! I finally groked what Lisa was looking for. It was not just correct angles, and lengths but to replicate the drawing exactly – line thickness, line endings, curves – exactly, using only lines and my pencil. She said I could use charcoal to get a stronger line but I fought with the charcoal and it became more of a distraction from the study. I will save charcoal for when I am a little more fluent with my eye and hand.

I am pleased with the eye but that confidence did not last long as I started in on the figure. Again the struggle set in early as I tried to find my orientation on the page. Everything I have ever learned about drawing is like in a separate box in my head right now. I all am dots and lines. I barely felt like I was drawing. I had good results from this effort, the measured dots and lines, thoughtful results.

But noooo, I wanted to “draw” so I rushed into the chest chanting in my head “trust your eye, trust your eye, use the force Luke,” ya something like that…” Stepping back, to my amazement I got a couple of the lines close to correct and the chest looked like a chest.  But this is the point of it all… it did not look like the chest I was trying to draw and I could not tell you why.

This is why we learn this stuff – measure, why take our time, connect the dots, measure, connect – so we learn to see and to draw what we see. We are not simply ‘drawing’, we are studying. Lisa explained that is why what we do is called a ‘study’. We are looking, and looking again, exploring relationships in space, learning to memorize what we see so that we can translate it into marks.

Now if I can get to the drawing as well as I get to the thinking… I will make some real progress.

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