Update for Week of September

I’ve been pretty ill and missed all last week of class. This bummed me out but I got a little homework done on my Bargue. I missed the final pose of the 5 week male model. I really wanted to finish up a block in and I was almost there… closer than I had been before really, even capturing the termination edge and some shadow shapes. A friend of mine asked why I need to go to school to learn to draw this way. There are schools online and “Atelier-at-home” programs and I thought about it. You know, in order to progress, in order to really train you eye and your technique – you must have someone guiding you, critiquing with a better eye than you showing you what you cannot otherwise see thereby expanding your own capacity for observation. You cannot see what you cannot see, unless someone shows you and then you will always be able to see it. This works on many levels and I am constantly intrigued at the subtle way studying art reflects learning life. Anyway, next week will surely be a productive week as I am starting to get my sea legs again and am looking forward to possibly finishing up my Bargue and starting a new five week pose.

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