Finishing up the year…

I am slowly getting my mind framed around going back to school in the spring. I cannot wait. Over the last few months, I’ve had to take a step back from my classical art studies and admin work at the school to take care of some time consuming personal stuff. I am really missing it. I am SO very much looking forward to the start of 2014 and getting back into an academic discipline and structure. It is really good for me, even when it is hard. The irony of it. I miss my friends too from the school, very much.

We had our First Annual Student Show and I was so excited to have my work a part of it even though I was not able to make the opening. Here is the beautiful flyer Mary Weeks did for the show and my ‘all dressed up’ leg. If you scroll down to previous posts a bit you can see the in progress shots of the Bargue Leg.

Before I had to take off from the school I was able to spend one day with my new Bargue! I spend a couple hours just working with the medium. I have never used charcoal before in any serious way. I spend a good fifteen minutes just sharpening some Nitram and another hour and a half making marks, learning to dust them off with the chamois, trying to get some weight behind my marks but not too much weight – ha! I gave myself a sheet and basically did a box of the form and played a whole bunch. Then I set up my sheet of paper that will have the real drawing on it. This will be the hardest drawing I have ever done I think but not for the reasons I am expecting, I suspect. Below is my first date with the Angel Bargue. You should definitely let loose sometimes. This was a really good exercise.

Bargue Angel 1

Just looking at this Bargue makes me so excited to get back to the studio and get to work!

Lisa told me some exciting news and rumors of a painting program abound. During my break I have been working on my Grisaille diligently and have nearly finished the still life and have gotten quite a  ways into the woman in a chair. The figure is a study I just started from a psychiatric patient photograph by Dr. Diamond from the 1850’s. I eventually want to bring color into the work but I am taking really slow steps and probably wont touch it with color until I am ready to get into color in oils at the school. I hear, and I am so excited that they will begin with Cast Painting in Grisaille! That is exactly where I want to start!

So that about wraps it up for 2013. What a year. What a really significant year for my growth as an artist. I have no doubt that 2014 will be even more remarkable.

One thought on “Finishing up the year…

  1. I, for one, will be so glad to have your wit and intelligence, your heart and administrative grace back among us again. This school needs you.

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