End of Term Review!

I just had my end of term critique and review with Matthew and Lisa. It is always amazing to put all the work that you have done in a term out there to really look at. I have made up in home work and extra work what I have missed in class due to health struggles and feel very good all in all with my output.

In the figure drawing room I had a number of pretty solid block-in’s and outline drawings. I had a Bargue drawing, a master’s copy and a cast drawing still in progress, some workshop paintings, a homework still life painting and some completed extracurricular pastels all done within the last few months.

I think the thing that disappointed me the most was the Bargue and Cast drawing. Matthew thought they went very well and wants me to call them lessons learned and move on to new projects this coming term. I do not like to not finish things. I know I would have done a better job on it and gotten so much farther if I had been able to get to class more often for critiques. That is where the health stuff gets so frustrating – but I just don’t let myself go there. I do the best I can do with what I got and I work like a banshee, be it at the studio or at home. I do the art because I am compelled by it, I study these techniques because I am compelled to learn. The health stuff is at most a frustrating distraction.

The consensus of the critique was very favorable and they pointed out things that I had done very well, and why they were done well. Regarding general things I can work on in this coming term – I need to stand back more from my work. Make an effort, even though I work at home in a chair… get up and just stand back, use the mirror more often, come to the studio when I am able, off hours and use the studio so I have the space I need to really stand back from my work.

In my drawing and painting, begin to loosen up and try for a quicker understanding of the form while utilizing all of the classical techniques I am learning.

Focus on solid beginnings and let go of the need for clean finishes at this point. With solid beginnings a clean finish will just be that much more powerful. There is much wisdom in this… it is one of those teachings that apply to both art and life.

The critique led into the plan for next quarter. I am very excited because there is a huge difference in the basic approach I have been taking to my work! I cannot wait to get started.

Plan for next quarter –

Classes and objectives:
Figure Drawing Wednesday 9-12pm – Focus on three day block-ins, then move to another position. Take the block-ins to a generalized understanding of correct form and relationships. Not going for a finish.

Cast Drawing Wednesdays 1-4pm – Start a new cast <old man>. Focus on getting to where I left the last one quicker. Maybe do some simple cast painting projects for a portion of the class.

Independent Projects Fridays – Work on cast, cast painting, some still life painting.

  • Weekly Homework: Try for five figure block-ins of no more than 1 – 1 ½ hour per drawing per week.
    Use pose book or magazines for model.
  • Paint from LIFE and focus on the block in in a more alla prima application. Use my work shop paintings as an examples.
  • Begin drawing without the use of grids.
  • Apply energy that would be directed into pastel work into the painting exercises. Let go of needing to get to the finish of things.
  • August – Make use of the studio space and set up a little space to paint/draw.

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